Strike Zone Pest Control can be trusted when it comes to your commercial businesses, investment properties or institutions. Consequently, we understand that if bugs or rodents are seen in your business place or property, it could cost you money. We will do our dead-level best to keep those embarrassing and costly pests maintained.

Strike Zone understands that not all pest problems were “created equal”. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. In knowing this, we personalize and tailor every account to your needs to ensure that your Sacramento pest control problems are vanquished.  We will come and asses your pest problem and find a proactive solution unique to your facility. Once this is done, our professionally trained technician will give you the best of service. If you have a difficult business schedule around which you would require us to work, we will surely try to accommodate.

If you would like Strike Zone Pest Control of Sacramento to service your property, please call or email for an estimate. 916.533.3005