Strike Zone Pest Control of Sacramento is happy to offer a very effective and convenient strategy that is specifically designed to keep even the most persistent pests away. Strike Zone Pest Control will work with you to form a comprehensive plan to prevent future infestations. Our goal is to provide you with a total home protection from dangerous and embarrassing pests.

First we will evaluate your home. We will identify the problem pests. We will assess the different access points that are likely to harbor your insect problems. After we have identified the problem, we will take make a comprehensive pest extermination plan.
Next, we will execute the plan to the highest degree of accuracy. We will perform a meticulous treatment of the exterior of your home, leaving behind an invisible barrier around the foundation, doors, windows and other entrances of your home. We will also inspect and remove all your grungy-looking cobwebs from your first story eaves and windows. Also, if we spot any other problematic areas around the house, we will treat them as well.
If you have any questions regarding our Residential or Commercial services feel free to call. We will come  inspect  your property for you in order to create a personalized pest control plan. We will come and inspect your property free of any charge.

For a Free Inspection call 916.533.3005